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CMS PORTAL is more than just a leading CMS Directory covering multiple Content Management Systems, it's now a popular CMS Community where you can find, share and promote (both Free and Paid) professional website templates, plugins, addons, apps as well as share news, tutorials, experiences, website links or everything related to.




Now it's home to more than 12 millions CMS projects with many different types of website platforms. Whether you're interested in participating in this global website development community to get knowledge, share experiences or just want to promote your products, you should be here.

And here I'll show you more reasons, why you should submit your products as well as share news in CMS Portal site.

eCommerce Email Marketing Success in 2015

Thursday, 16 April 2015 08:06

Despite the rise in popularity of social media in eCommerce, email marketing remains one of the most powerful eCommerce marketing tools to engage prospects and customers. In fact, according to Custora, email marketing accounts for approximately 7 percent of all eCommerce user acquisitions, making it second only to search (15.8 percent).

Joomla is becoming one of the most popular websites Content Management System (CMS) with hundreds of millions of Joomla websites and thousands more be built every day, it isn’t surprising if many hackers want to attack it. In fact, there were many Joomla websites which were defaced because of the ignorance of their administrators.



However, you don’t need to worry!
In this tutorial, we will show you several tips and neat tricks, which will keep your Joomla website safely.

You already have a Joomla website? And you have a big SEO plan for it? Then it's impossible to lack right tools for research, analysis and implementation. There are hundreds of paid and free SEO tools available on Internet, but just a few can get the work done. Here are top best SEO tools for Joomla sites I recommend to help you get the right marketing efforts and traffic goals.

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